Friday, 21 October 2016

How To Achieve Long Term Power Generation Success...Even If You Are In A Remote Area!

It’s no simple task to get power to a remote worksite, such as a mining project in the northern Tundra, or an oil rig far offshore.

RLN Energy can help you get your power there. That’s what we do. We rent or sell industrial engines from Edmonton to anywhere in the world.

The customer’s process is much simpler than many customers think at first.

Step One: Browse Our Inventory.

You can do this online — at any time, from any place you’ve got internet access. If you see an item and have some questions, you can reach out to us either via our form, or call us. That’s it. That’s the hard part. There’s no commitment, simply ask us your question and we’ll reply as completely and openly as we can.

We can provide any unit you see online to any place in the world thanks to our global equipment supply network.

But we’re not just talking about getting power there. That’s only one step.

We’re talking about long-term success in power generation in a remote area. And that takes diligence…

Step Two: Maintain and Repair as Needed.

Nobody can predict the future. We can only be ready for it. Your staff must be prepared ahead of time to maintain and repair the equipment regularly to ensure it keeps running.

If you need assistance before or even after your installation is complete, contact RLN Field Services. Our specialty is stationary and rotating power equipment, and we are available to help you keep your operation running. This includes generator response [WECC] testing, protection and control, trouble shooting, training, emergency services both mechanical and electrical.

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