Wednesday, 22 June 2016

RLN Energy For Your Corporate Power Needs

There’s a lot of moving parts for corporations in industries that rely on localized electrical power. Systems are complex and specialized. Decision makers need a go-to source for power generation—someone convenient, reliable, and available.

That’s where we come in.

RLN Energy Services in Edmonton, Alberta provides equipment and maintenance training for power generation—we are convenient, reliable, and available.

RLN’s services provide the necessary hub for setting up and maintaining power sources for a variety of industries.

RLN has been providing power since 2011. We sell power equipment, from small ancillary parts to engines, complete generator sets, and even complete power plants. You can see our current inventory of power equipment here.

If buying the equipment is not cost effective for temporary jobs, RLN will rent power equipment to customers as well.

RLN’s global reach has enabled us to not only provide the right power equipment to the right locations, but also to train local employees on how to maintain the power equipment, ensuring our customers get the maximum ROI from their power solutions over time.

From grid tie to stand-alone islanded systems, RLN’s solutions cover a wide range of power requirements. Contact us today to discuss your corporation’s power needs!

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