Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Don’t Forget To Test Your Diesel Power Generators

Does your mining operation have a diesel generator on standby to supply backup power in case your primary generator or connection to the grid fails? If you do, it’s likely that you start your diesel generator periodically to test it. Although you might think that you’re doing the right thing to ensure that your generator is ready to handle your operation’s power needs in an emergency, you may actually have a catastrophe waiting to happen. Your operation needs to conduct a load test on every diesel generator at least once per year.

What Is Diesel Generator Load Testing?

If your operation doesn’t currently conduct load tests, it’s likely that you test your generators by starting them about once per week. You allow your generator to run at idle — or at a percentage of its full capacity — for a few minutes before turning it off. A load test is much more systematic. It simulates what would happen if you needed to use your diesel generator to power your entire facility.

We begin by connecting a load bank to your diesel generator. Next, we start your diesel generator and allow it to idle for several minutes. Once the engine has warmed up, we use the load bank to simulate a power load that gradually increases over approximately two hours. By the end of the load test, your generator will have operated at its maximum capacity for at least 30 minutes.

When the test is over, we’ll give you a report showing how your generator performed during the test and listing any problems that we discovered.

What Are the Benefits of Diesel Generator Load Testing?

Running load tests on a diesel generator has two benefits. The first benefit is that using a simulated load is the only way to know how your generator would perform if you actually needed it to power your mining operation. You need to know that your diesel generator is ready to work if you lose your primary power source. Even a few hours of lost production can cause terrible financial hardship for a mining operation. If your generator has a problem, you need to know before an emergency occurs.

The second benefit of load testing is that it gives your generator an opportunity to come up to temperature and burn away any carbon deposits and unused fuel that has collected in the generator’s exhaust system due to under use. If a plume of black smoke comes out of your generator’s exhaust when you start the engine, it’s likely that your generator already has carbon buildups decreasing its efficiency.

Contact Us Now to Rent a Diesel Generator Set in Edmonton

Does your operation need a diesel generator for main or backup power? Contact us now to rent a diesel generator set in Edmonton. We understand the power needs of the mining industry and can quickly get a mobile generator set in place to satisfy your requirements.

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Monday, 22 May 2017


Large electric power generators are something that a lot of people rely on to keep their homes and businesses at a comfortable temperature. The technology of AC generators was invented by the British Italian Sebastian Ferranti in 1882. Since then, companies have relied extensively on power generators to help run large factories and busy utility grids. For a portable power plant Edmonton, it is sometimes nice to have the option to get rid of older power generating materials. We are willing to sell power generating equipment to you if your facility is in need of them. We are also able to buy power generating equipment.

Types Of Power Generating Equipment

There are different types of power generating equipment that are available on the market today. Examples include wind turbines, diesel generators, solar panels, natural gas, and nuclear power plants. RLN Energy is equipped to sell and buy turbines, diesels, and natural gas systems. RLN Energy specializes in industrial sized power plant equipment. These are the type of power plants that are used to run a factory, warehouse, or a utility grid. Having your own power generator gives your organization independence from a municipal grid. This is helpful if you are running a factory late, and the local utility is unable to provide enough power.

How To Get A Good Price

We value our customers. To get a high price for your power generating equipment requires making sure that it is in good condition. It is also very important that you keep all the parts in one place. We do not usually accept power plant equipment that has been partly disassembled. We can give you the best price if the power generator is still assembled. If you have mechanics at your facility, make sure that they inspect the equipment to see if there are any issues that our staff might find wrong. Some of the issues that might crop up could be rust or a broken engine. Having a portable power plant Edmonton just got easier.

Contact RLN Today

If you would like to learn more about what RLN Energy offers, be sure to contact us at 780-991-8575. You can also email us with our online form. We look forward to hearing from your company, and assisting you with getting rid of your old power generating equipment. If you are in the market for buying power generators, be sure to check out our inventory.

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Top Power Generator Maintenance Mistake the Mining Industry Makes (and How to Avoid It)

The largest issues with maintaining generators in the mining industry all stem from one core issue: training.

Proper and thorough training of employees is absolutely key in keeping generators running at peak efficiency and with as few mechanical issues as possible.

This extends to many facets of the workplace, whether it be simple enforcement of safety standards or capturing data.

We Can Help

RLN Energy offers solutions to all of the industry’s biggest issues with their power generation training services.

In order to prevent employees from incorrectly capturing data or ignoring it altogether, RLN trains staff and management to properly read and record all data and communicate that data to all relevant parties.

This ensures that companies can react correctly and appropriately to any problems with the generator.

Play It Safe

When it comes to safety standards, RLN makes sure that all of the proper procedures are able to be communicated to all employees and management.

It is important to keep all staff up to date on the current safety procedures and to re-train as much as is required.

This kind of investment in staff keeps the work environment safe in the long-term.

It isn’t enough to simply train employees once. It is important to regularly challenge them and ensure that they are up-to-date with industry news and trends.

RLN Energy’s training services are extensive and are designed to save you as much time and money as possible. We can ensure that issues stemming from generation maintenance become a thing of the past, and that your employees can keep your generators running smoothly.

Friday, 21 October 2016

How To Achieve Long Term Power Generation Success...Even If You Are In A Remote Area!

It’s no simple task to get power to a remote worksite, such as a mining project in the northern Tundra, or an oil rig far offshore.

RLN Energy can help you get your power there. That’s what we do. We rent or sell industrial engines from Edmonton to anywhere in the world.

The customer’s process is much simpler than many customers think at first.

Step One: Browse Our Inventory.

You can do this online — at any time, from any place you’ve got internet access. If you see an item and have some questions, you can reach out to us either via our form, or call us. That’s it. That’s the hard part. There’s no commitment, simply ask us your question and we’ll reply as completely and openly as we can.

We can provide any unit you see online to any place in the world thanks to our global equipment supply network.

But we’re not just talking about getting power there. That’s only one step.

We’re talking about long-term success in power generation in a remote area. And that takes diligence…

Step Two: Maintain and Repair as Needed.

Nobody can predict the future. We can only be ready for it. Your staff must be prepared ahead of time to maintain and repair the equipment regularly to ensure it keeps running.

If you need assistance before or even after your installation is complete, contact RLN Field Services. Our specialty is stationary and rotating power equipment, and we are available to help you keep your operation running. This includes generator response [WECC] testing, protection and control, trouble shooting, training, emergency services both mechanical and electrical.

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Train your staff on maintenance for long term power generation success and minimal downtime

Whether you rent or buy, maintenance is crucial to keeping your equipment running. We see many operations lose power for a variety of reasons, and more often than not it’s because of something preventable.

If your company relies on portable power plants, it’s important to know exactly who is responsible for ensuring the power stays on. Do you keep a separate maintenance staff? Is your staff properly trained?

If you don’t have a separate staff just for maintenance, who will carry out routine maintenance and repairs on power equipment? Are THEY properly trained?

It’s always worth revisiting. Power equipment failure can be life threatening in some cases. If you’re unsure how current your maintenance staff is, then chances are it’s time for more training. Technology evolves quickly.

NETA Standards and Specifications

Is your staff educated on standards and specifications for testing new and in-use engines?
The InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA) serves the electrical testing industry with certifications and education programs. You can purchase the standards online – click here.

Power Safety and Switching Operations

It’s important to keep equipment running, but nothing matters more than safety. Is your staff trained on safety and switching operations for your power equipment?

Safety measures are often built into the equipment, but the best way to ensure those safety features are effective is with regular maintenance and checking.

Call RLN Energy For Current Safety and Maintenance Training

From power transformers to power cables, our training staff can get your maintenance crew up to speed and up to date. Let us train your staff on maintenance & safety for long term power generation success and minimal downtime.

Call us at our headquarters just outside Edmonton, AB:


Sunday, 24 July 2016


Combined heat and power systems (CHP) integrate the production of heat and power into a single process that’s highly-efficient and environmentally-friendly. This process – also known as cogeneration – offers many benefits for municipal, industrial, commercial, and even residential facilities.

Here’s a closer look at CHP, including how it works and its many benefits:

How It Works

CHP is a combined heat and power system that provides both electric power and heat from a single source. Most electric utilities produce heat that isn’t used, but instead is sent into the cooling water, or into the atmosphere along with other greenhouse gases and pollutants.
This process wastes nearly two-thirds of the fuel’s energy, while a CHP system recovers almost all of the energy it produces.

CHP Benefits

CHP systems provide a number of benefits compared to conventional electricity and thermal energy productions, including:


Because CHP systems recover much of the wasted heat, they typically achieve efficiencies of up to 80 percent – and more.


CHP reduces emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants because it uses less fuel to produce each unit of energy output.


Because of its high efficiency, CHP can save facilities considerable money on energy bills, while also providing a hedge against electricity and cost increases.


CHP is an on-site generation source and can support continued operations in the event of a disaster or grid disruption.

RLN Energy Services offers power generation training services specializing in the electrical and mechanical industries. RLN is available for consultative services and can best recommend the best power system for your worksite.


Purchasing a CAT generator and operating it is only the beginning of a full service cycle with RLN Energy Services. A service and training contract is absolutely crucial to the success and long service life of your generator sets. Our goal at RLN Energy Services is to provide you with a generator set, the training and the service to support a successful installation and long service life.

Testing Services

Vibration, thermal and ultrasonic testing services serve to protect your investment in a CAT generator set. RLN Energy Services offers all of these important tests.

The purpose of vibration testing is to determine if there are any issues with your rotating equipment. Depending on the readings we receive, we can tell what type of damage has occurred. Often, we can use the readings to isolate the damage down to a specific bearing.

Thermal imaging is another tool that we use to troubleshoot generator sets. We can find things such as loose, corroded and over-tightened connections by noting an abnormally high temperature. This temperature is due to increased resistance in the wire. Temperature differences can also be used to identify three-phase imbalances, failed components and more.

Ultrasonic testing is analyzing sounds on the higher end of the spectrum to identify problems with rotating equipment. It is possible to detect air/vacuum leakage and bearing failure among other issues.

Training Services

The most important part of a field service and maintenance contract is the training of your own maintenance staff to correctly diagnose and repair your generator set. We advise investing in a power generation training service. The ideal training program starts with classes taught on site by one of our instructors that cumulate in a field exercise on your equipment.

Additionally, training is the best way to add value to your employees and in turn, your company. Outside of the obvious cost savings, a well-trained technician is less prone to injury due to safely performing maintenance and start-up procedures.

Give RLN Energy a call today to see how we can help you keep your power generation equipment running!

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