Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Don’t Forget To Test Your Diesel Power Generators

Does your mining operation have a diesel generator on standby to supply backup power in case your primary generator or connection to the grid fails? If you do, it’s likely that you start your diesel generator periodically to test it. Although you might think that you’re doing the right thing to ensure that your generator is ready to handle your operation’s power needs in an emergency, you may actually have a catastrophe waiting to happen. Your operation needs to conduct a load test on every diesel generator at least once per year.

What Is Diesel Generator Load Testing?

If your operation doesn’t currently conduct load tests, it’s likely that you test your generators by starting them about once per week. You allow your generator to run at idle — or at a percentage of its full capacity — for a few minutes before turning it off. A load test is much more systematic. It simulates what would happen if you needed to use your diesel generator to power your entire facility.

We begin by connecting a load bank to your diesel generator. Next, we start your diesel generator and allow it to idle for several minutes. Once the engine has warmed up, we use the load bank to simulate a power load that gradually increases over approximately two hours. By the end of the load test, your generator will have operated at its maximum capacity for at least 30 minutes.

When the test is over, we’ll give you a report showing how your generator performed during the test and listing any problems that we discovered.

What Are the Benefits of Diesel Generator Load Testing?

Running load tests on a diesel generator has two benefits. The first benefit is that using a simulated load is the only way to know how your generator would perform if you actually needed it to power your mining operation. You need to know that your diesel generator is ready to work if you lose your primary power source. Even a few hours of lost production can cause terrible financial hardship for a mining operation. If your generator has a problem, you need to know before an emergency occurs.

The second benefit of load testing is that it gives your generator an opportunity to come up to temperature and burn away any carbon deposits and unused fuel that has collected in the generator’s exhaust system due to under use. If a plume of black smoke comes out of your generator’s exhaust when you start the engine, it’s likely that your generator already has carbon buildups decreasing its efficiency.

Contact Us Now to Rent a Diesel Generator Set in Edmonton

Does your operation need a diesel generator for main or backup power? Contact us now to rent a diesel generator set in Edmonton. We understand the power needs of the mining industry and can quickly get a mobile generator set in place to satisfy your requirements.

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Monday, 22 May 2017


Large electric power generators are something that a lot of people rely on to keep their homes and businesses at a comfortable temperature. The technology of AC generators was invented by the British Italian Sebastian Ferranti in 1882. Since then, companies have relied extensively on power generators to help run large factories and busy utility grids. For a portable power plant Edmonton, it is sometimes nice to have the option to get rid of older power generating materials. We are willing to sell power generating equipment to you if your facility is in need of them. We are also able to buy power generating equipment.

Types Of Power Generating Equipment

There are different types of power generating equipment that are available on the market today. Examples include wind turbines, diesel generators, solar panels, natural gas, and nuclear power plants. RLN Energy is equipped to sell and buy turbines, diesels, and natural gas systems. RLN Energy specializes in industrial sized power plant equipment. These are the type of power plants that are used to run a factory, warehouse, or a utility grid. Having your own power generator gives your organization independence from a municipal grid. This is helpful if you are running a factory late, and the local utility is unable to provide enough power.

How To Get A Good Price

We value our customers. To get a high price for your power generating equipment requires making sure that it is in good condition. It is also very important that you keep all the parts in one place. We do not usually accept power plant equipment that has been partly disassembled. We can give you the best price if the power generator is still assembled. If you have mechanics at your facility, make sure that they inspect the equipment to see if there are any issues that our staff might find wrong. Some of the issues that might crop up could be rust or a broken engine. Having a portable power plant Edmonton just got easier.

Contact RLN Today

If you would like to learn more about what RLN Energy offers, be sure to contact us at 780-991-8575. You can also email us with our online form. We look forward to hearing from your company, and assisting you with getting rid of your old power generating equipment. If you are in the market for buying power generators, be sure to check out our inventory.

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Top Power Generator Maintenance Mistake the Mining Industry Makes (and How to Avoid It)

The largest issues with maintaining generators in the mining industry all stem from one core issue: training.

Proper and thorough training of employees is absolutely key in keeping generators running at peak efficiency and with as few mechanical issues as possible.

This extends to many facets of the workplace, whether it be simple enforcement of safety standards or capturing data.

We Can Help

RLN Energy offers solutions to all of the industry’s biggest issues with their power generation training services.

In order to prevent employees from incorrectly capturing data or ignoring it altogether, RLN trains staff and management to properly read and record all data and communicate that data to all relevant parties.

This ensures that companies can react correctly and appropriately to any problems with the generator.

Play It Safe

When it comes to safety standards, RLN makes sure that all of the proper procedures are able to be communicated to all employees and management.

It is important to keep all staff up to date on the current safety procedures and to re-train as much as is required.

This kind of investment in staff keeps the work environment safe in the long-term.

It isn’t enough to simply train employees once. It is important to regularly challenge them and ensure that they are up-to-date with industry news and trends.

RLN Energy’s training services are extensive and are designed to save you as much time and money as possible. We can ensure that issues stemming from generation maintenance become a thing of the past, and that your employees can keep your generators running smoothly.